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Watch Dogs Official Game Guide

Prima Games

Genre: Games

Prijs: € 13,99

Publicatiedatum: 27-05-2014

Uitgever: Random House Information Group

Verkoper: Random House, LLC

· Easy to use: Features pinch-to-zoom, search, and quick link navigation to help you get around and find the most important information. · Full Strategy Guide in Digital Format: All the strategy at your fingertips! · 100% Completion Guide Covers every main mission, side mission, investigation, and collectible to deliver the full experience in the most anticipated new franchise of the year. · Dedicated Multiplayer chapter  details all online contracts and maps including expert advice on hacking, tailing, races, decryption, and notoriety. · Highly detailed maps  cover every inch of the massive open world setting, charting the most rewarding path to every secret collectible. · Comprehensive Training Details everything from the basics of exploring Chicago to hacking, unlocking Skills, and advanced tactical advice that will help you optimize your gameplay. · Platforms Covered: PC, Xbox 360™, Xbox One™, PlayStation®3, and PlayStation®4.


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