Twilight Lady #1 of 4 – Blake JK Chen

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Blake JK Chen - Twilight Lady #1 of 4 kunstwerk

Twilight Lady #1 of 4

Blake JK Chen

Genre: Beeldromans

Publicatiedatum: 23-07-2012

Uitgever: Blake J.K. Chen

Verkoper: Smashwords

Cass Corridor.Steeped in culture and history… a place where countless visionaries have emerged and gone forth into the world.A place now in danger of acquiring an unwanted type of fame. A mysterious ghostly killer is wandering its streets, with a modus operandi that has left authorities baffled.After a brief, bizarre encounter with this apparition, a young journalist with a fascination for the paranormal is determined to know the true nature of what she has witnessed. This desire takes her on a spinning, swirling journey of discovery.A spiral dance.A dance of revelation.


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