The Rainbow – D. H. Lawrence

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The Rainbow

D. H. Lawrence

Genre: Klassiekers

Publicatiedatum: 27-09-2013

Uitgever: Dream Letters

Verkoper: Dream Letters Corporation

Lush with imagery, this is the story of three generations of Brangwen women living during the decline of English rural life. Banned upon publication, it explores the most taboo subjects of its time: marriage, physical love, and one family's sexual mores. Quotes: “If I were the moon, I know where I would fall down.”  “Why, oh why must one grow up, why must one inherit this heavy, numbing responsibility of living an undiscovered life? Out of the nothingness and the undifferentiated mass, to make something of herself! But what? In the obscurity and pathlessness to take a direction! But whither? How take even one step? And yet, how stand still? This was torment indeed, to inherit the responsibility of one’s own life.” 


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