The Mystery of Ireta – Anne McCaffrey

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The Mystery of Ireta

Dinosaur Planet & Dinosaur Planet Survivors

Anne McCaffrey

Genre: Sci-fi & fantasie

Prijs: 5,99 €

Publicatiedatum: 30-12-2003

Uitgever: Random House Publishing Group

Verkoper: Random House Digital, Inc. (Books)

The crew of shipbred technicians sent to the planet Ireta were prepared for a routine mission to catalog flora and fauna and search for new energy sources. Kai and his beautiful coleader Varian, the best xenob-vet in the business, followed all the standard procedures, but the result of their investigations was totally unexpected. When their rescue ship mysteriously disappears, they suddenly find themselves surrounded by giant swamp creatures, deadly predators, and terrifying dinosaurs. And a curious change begins to come over many of the crew members–a mutinous change that will lead all of them, in one way or another, into the primitive darkness of a future world that holds many mysteries yet to be revealed. . . . So begins Anne McCaffrey’s exciting adventures Dinosaur Planet and Dinosaur Planet Survivors –together in one thrilling volume for the first time!


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