The Lost – Claire McGowan

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The Lost

Claire McGowan

Genre: Detectives & thrillers

Prijs: 4,49 €

Publicatiedatum: 11-04-2013

Uitgever: Headline

Verkoper: Hachette UK

Not everyone who's missing is lost When two teenage girls go missing along the Irish border, forensic psychologist Paula Maguire has to return to the hometown she left years before. Swirling with rumour and secrets, the town is gripped by fear of a serial killer. But the truth could be even darker. Not everyone who's lost wants to be found Surrounded by people and places she tried to forget, Paula digs into the cases as the truth twists further away. What's the link with two other disappearances from 1985? And why does everything lead back to the town's dark past- including the reasons her own mother went missing years before? Nothing is what it seems As the shocking truth is revealed, Paula learns that sometimes, it's better not to find what you've lost.


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