The Brit Who Loved Her – Ana E Ross

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Ana E Ross - The Brit Who Loved Her kunstwerk

The Brit Who Loved Her

Ana E Ross

Genre: Hedendaags

Prijs: 0,49 €

Publicatiedatum: 22-11-2012

Uitgever: Ana E Ross

Verkoper: Esther R Pemberton

When Real Estate Agent Adrianna Evans arrives at the six-million dollar lakeside mansion she is about to show, imagine her shock when she discovers her client is none other than Duncan Bennett, the handsome Brit who’d loved her and abandoned her many years earlier. One look at Duncan, and Adrianna’s knees begin to buckle and her heart starts racing out of control. She still longs for him; there is no doubt about that. But does she love him enough to forgive him for abandoning her?


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