Split – J. J. Westendarp

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J. J. Westendarp - Split kunstwerk


J. J. Westendarp

Genre: Paranormaal

Publicatiedatum: 27-01-2011

Uitgever: J. J. Westendarp

Verkoper: Smashwords

Erika kills vampires, but not in the usual manner. Her way leaves a body behind, the demon cleansed from the vessel it tried to control. Mitch is a Hunter and Erika's trainer. However, Mitch is ever the traditionalist and focuses more on the physical training and not on Erika's unique ability. Adonis has no qualms about training Erika to use her ability. As long as she uses it to achieve his goals. Buffalo, New York is a long way from Dallas, where the events surrounding the Spiral X nightclub are fading from memory, but the Eternal War knows no boundaries, and battles aren't always won with a stake to the heart.


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