Snow White – Sam

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Sam - Snow White kunstwerk

Snow White

Read Aloud Story Book


Genre: Manga

Publicatiedatum: 17-05-2012

Uitgever: IStory

Verkoper: swami nathan

Snow white is about a little princess whos mother died and her stepmother was jealous of her beauty. she ordered snow white to be killed but the hunter hired to do it couldnt. she left her in the woods by herself thinking that the wild beasts would do what he couldnt. snow white found this little cottage and fell asleep in one of the beds. then the 7 dwarfs that lived there came home and let her live with them. and when the dwarfs left the evil queen came and tried to kill her with a poison apple. however, the queen just made her sleep. Then, the handsome prince came and kissed her. they rode away together on his horse they got married and everything was good.


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