Simply Heaven – Patricia Hagan

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Simply Heaven

A Historical Western Romance

Patricia Hagan

Genre: Historisch

Prijs: 0,99 €

Publicatiedatum: 30-06-2011

Uitgever: EPublishing Works!

Verkoper: ABN Leadership Group Inc.

Steve Maddox was determined to keep his promise—to bring his best friend's estranged daughter, Raven, back to the family's Alabama plantation. But Raven—a wild, beautiful half-breed cast out by her dead mother's Tonkawa tribe—holds only fiery distain for the white-man. So, why is this broad-shouldered man of pale-skin and heavenly embraces quenching her desire for independence? OTHER TITLES by Patricia Hagan: Say You Love Me Starlight Simply Heaven ABOUT PATRICIA HAGAN: Patricia Hagan is a New York Times bestselling author of 42 novels and the proud mother of a U.S. Navy SEAL.


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