Romance in Vegas – Showgirl! – Nancy Fornataro

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Nancy Fornataro - Romance in Vegas - Showgirl! kunstwerk

Romance in Vegas – Showgirl!

Nancy Fornataro

Genre: Romantiek

Publicatiedatum: 14-02-2012

Uitgever: Nancy Fornataro

Verkoper: Smashwords

It's been a year since Al Scaletti's wife died, and beautiful homeless waif Dani Troubix comes into his life. Under his tutorage she quickly rises to the top echelon of Las Vegas dancers, with photographers following her every move. But, will her past come back to haunt her? And does Scaletti love her, or just the publicity she brings to the casino? She dances only for him, as his blue-grey eyes observe her, while he tries behind the scenes to make her more comfortable with her own body. But, the attack comes when she'd least expecting it. Can she ever dance again? Can she ever love again? And how can she unlock her past with the one man who holds the key?


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