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Willem Mastenbroek - Negotiating kunstwerk


As Emotion Management

Willem Mastenbroek

Genre: Management & leiderschap

Prijs: 7,99 €

Publicatiedatum: 13-10-2012

Uitgever: ManagementSite Netwerk


·    Unique are the insights and practical suggestions to deal with emotions. Negotiating is seen as a mix of rational choice and emotional drives. ·    An approach of negotiating which brings together win-win and win-lose tactics. Power games, manipulations, deadlock and stubborn constituencies are part of the game. ·    Tactics and do's and don'ts are tied together in a transparent framework which offers you a better grasp on the whole negotiating process. ·    We are not born as skilled negotiators. This book is a fascinating investigation into the development of negotiating skills and the taming of fierce emotions. 


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