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Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles - Magic Touch - Cat Breeds Word Search Puzzles kunstwerk

Magic Touch – Cat Breeds Word Search Puzzles

Cat Themed Wordsearch Puzzles with Bonus Photofind

Lovatts Crosswords & Puzzles

Genre: Huisdieren

Publicatiedatum: 05-02-2013

Uitgever: Lovatts Media Group Pty Ltd


This lifestyle themed issue of Magic Touch Wordsearch Puzzles includes 10 puzzles created especially for cat lovers. Each puzzle has a cat related theme, and as a special bonus 2 Photofind puzzles have been included to challenge even the most avid feline enthusiast. The Magic Touch Wordsearch Puzzle series of interactive books was created for the tablet reader who enjoys traditional Wordsearch puzzles in print. The ‘Magic Touch’ feature provides a natural feel to playing word search puzzles and mimics how you would normally complete the puzzle in a printed book. Solve the puzzle by swiping your finger across each of the words hidden within the grid. You can undo marks made in error, and clear the grid to play again. Your progress will be saved when exiting the puzzle or app. Each puzzle is cat themed and contains a related hidden answer. 


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