Indonesia Handbook – Wolfgang Sladkowski

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Indonesia Handbook

Wolfgang Sladkowski

Genre: Azië

Publicatiedatum: 26-01-2013

Uitgever: Wolfgang Sladkowski

Verkoper: Wanirat Chanapote

The Indonesia Handbook is published by Asian Trails Indonesia and includes general travel information if you plan to visit Indonesia. We have included travel details on Bali – Jakarta – Lombok and Yogyakarta. Asian Trails Indonesia started operations in 2000 and in the last decade, it has become a well-established Destination Management Company offering services in Indonesia. With more than 70 employees, we operate a wide range of excursions and round trips and offer cruises, flights or beach extensions in all major tourism destinations of our country. Our guests are assisted by a customer service team of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch and Russian representatives throughout their stay. Asian Trails Indonesia also offers hotel rates with over 700 properties in Indonesia and enables our partner agencies to view our competitive rates online. We are eager to show our beautiful country to customers from every part of the world.


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