Fondant Icing – Giovanna Geremicca

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Fondant Icingkunstwerk

Fondant Icing

Giovanna Geremicca

Genre: Gangen & gerechten

Publicatiedatum: 10-11-2011

Uitgever: ART Servizi Editoriali s.p.a.

Verkoper: ART Servizi Editoriali s.p.a.

Fondant icing is invaluable for covering your cakes if you want to turn them into spectacular sculptures. Fondant icing can be found ready-made in many good shops nowadays, but this can't be compared to the satisfaction you will get preparing it with your own hands, don't you agree? In this eBook in the iCake Italian series you'll find the recipe that cake designer, Giovanna Geremicca, always uses for her cakes and it is excellent both for covering cakes and for creating  sculptures. White, colored, marbled … Make way for fantasy and…  You Cake Italian!


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