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Poen de Wijs - Drawing kunstwerk


Inside the Studio of the Dutch Painter Poen de Wijs

Poen de Wijs

Genre: Kunst & architectuur

Prijs: 4,99 €

Publicatiedatum: 30-06-2013

Uitgever: Vijlbrief Media

Verkoper: Vijlbrief Media, John Martinus Vijlbrief

INSIDE THE STUDIO OF THE DUTCH PAINTER POEN DE WIJS PART 1 DRAWING Poen de Wijs (1948) is a famous Dutch contemporary painter of realism. After a lifetime of painting, and over 40 years of giving painting lessons, he summarizes his experiences and transmits them for future generations.  In this unique Multimedia Book about DRAWING Poen de Wijs shows the many aspects of drawing, as a standalone discipline, as a practising tool, and as preparation for other disciplines. With many practical examples in text, photo galleries and videoclips.


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