Chaos in Death – J. D. Robb

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Chaos in Death

J. D. Robb

Genre: Fictie & literatuur

Prijs: 2,99 €

Verwachte publiciteitsdatum: 15-03-2013

Uitgever: Little, Brown Book Group

Verkoper: Hachette UK

Eve Dallas' latest case is starting off a little more bizarre than usual – a police sketch of a killer based on eye-witness testimony reveals he has green skin, swollen red eyes, goblin ears, and a dislocated jaw-structure that defies the human form. Is it a mask? Is it make-up? Or is the explanation more sinister? Dallas faces off against multiple suspects – all of them students of medicine capable of precisely slicing the ears, noses, and eyes of the three victims. But who had the motive? More importantly, what kind of rogue science are these healers practicing?


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