Capricorn 2014 (Mills & Boon Horoscopes) – Dadhichi Toth

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Dadhichi Toth - Capricorn 2014 (Mills & Boon Horoscopes) kunstwerk

Capricorn 2014 (Mills & Boon Horoscopes)

Dadhichi Toth

Genre: Spiritualiteit

Prijs: 3,49 €

Publicatiedatum: 01-10-2013

Uitgever: Mills & Boon Horoscopes

Verkoper: Harlequin Sales Corporation

CAPRICORN Discover what lies ahead of you in 2014. Join world renowned astrologer Dadhichi as he takes you on a journey into your future. Asa Capricorn, you are realistic and matter of fact. You have great practical skills, along with financial and social resources that can be used to further your ambitions. You are not afraid of hard work. Initially, you can come across as rather cool, but when people get to know you they can see the funny and affectionate side to you, too. With the use of this book you will learn which star signs can bring out the warmth and sensuality in you, how to make the most of your natural energy in the workplace and what to expect in 2014. Your stars will reveal • Monthly and daily predictions for 2014. • Insights into the Capricorn woman, man and child. • Which star signs you are best matched with as well as who to avoid in the areas of love, friendship and the workplace. • Ways to harness your career potential and tips for financial success. • How to optimise your health and beauty.


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