Brotherband: Slaves of Socorro – John Flanagan

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John Flanagan - Brotherband: Slaves of Socorro kunstwerk

Brotherband: Slaves of Socorro

Book Four

John Flanagan

Genre: Kinderen & tieners

Prijs: € 5,99

Verwachte publiciteitsdatum: 01-05-2014

Uitgever: RHCP

Verkoper: The Random House Group Ltd.

When the Heron brotherband become the Skandian duty ship to the Kingdom of Araluen, they’re excited at the challenges ahead. Hal, Stig, Thorn and the Herons eagerly set off for the trip – with an unexpected new crew member aboard. But an enemy from their past returns, causing the Herons to be thrown into a dangerous quest to free captured Araluans from the slave market in Socorro. Even with the help of an Araluan Ranger, the task may be too much.


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