Brash – Margo Maguire

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Margo Maguire - Brash kunstwerk


Margo Maguire

Genre: Historisch

Publicatiedatum: 20-11-2011

Uitgever: Margo Maguire

Verkoper: Smashwords

When Lieutenant James Norris’s closest friend is killed in a horrible accident, he realizes life is far too short to spend it all in the post-Napoleonic navy. He decides it is time to marry, and he knows just the young woman he wants as his wife. Lady Virginia Barrington is charming and beautiful, and James travels to her family’s manor to ask her the most important question of his life. Lady Stella Barrington was lame and sickly for much of her life. Now she walks with barely a limp, and she is ill no more than anyone else. She has been in love with James Norris for as long as her elder brother’s friend has been coming to visit at Barrington Manor. Stella cannot doubt that James has come to see her lovely but shallow sister. But Virginia is away, and if Stella wants to win the man she loves, she can be nothing but brash… A romantic novella. Approximately 10,000 words.


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