Biting Cold – Chloe Neill

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Biting Coldkunstwerk

Biting Cold

A Chicagoland Vampires Novel

Chloe Neill

Genre: Fantasie

Prijs: 5,99 €

Verwachte publiciteitsdatum: 09-08-2012

Uitgever: Orion

Verkoper: Hachette UK

Turned into a vampire against her will, Merit found her way into the dark circle of Chicago's vampire underground, where she learned there was more to supernaturals than met the eye, and more supernaturals than the public ever imagined. And not all the secrets she learned were for sharing – among humans or inhumans. Now Merit is on the hunt, charging across the stark American Midwest, tailing a rogue supernatural intent on stealing an ancient artefact that could unleash catastrophic evil on the world. But Merit is also the prey. An enemy of Chicagoland is hunting her, and he'll stop at nothing to get the book for himself. No mercy allowed. No rules apply. No lives spared. The race is on.


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