Billionaire Bad Boy – Kendra Little

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Billionaire Bad Boy

Kendra Little

Genre: Hedendaags

Prijs: 2,99 €

Publicatiedatum: 31-10-2013

Uitgever: Kendra Little

Verkoper: Carolyn Comito

Music industry agent Annie McCallum has a week to learn how to be wild or lose the hot young music artist and the last chance to save her father's agency. The problem is, Annie has always been a nerd who thinks high heels are a weapon invented to make even bigger fools of stumbling idiots like herself. To achieve the unachievable, her boss enlists the help of a man who owes him a favor, Zack DiMarco, a billionaire with a mysterious past and melt in your mouth chocolate eyes. Soon, Zack is teaching Annie to dress in leather, cruise the streets on his motorbike, drink beer with alarming results and flirt like an LA starlet. Despite their rough start, Annie is soon falling in love with him, a man so far out of her league it's not funny. Much to his horror, Zack is strongly attracted to the real Annie, a girl who could get him to give up his bachelor ways and steal his heart. A heart that he wants to keep untouched after learning the hard way what love can do to a man.


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