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Genre: Studiemiddelen

Publicatiedatum: 10-09-2013

Uitgever: BookHacker

Verkoper: Story Ark Creative

Let’s be honest: sometimes you're asked to read an “important” book that you don't want or have time to read. Sometimes you try and it’s just so boring and impenetrable that you can’t get through it. And then, even worse, sometimes you’re asked to take a test or write a paper about it. If that sounds familiar, then BookHacker was designed for you. BookHacker summaries strip away all the subtlety and stuffiness of literature’s classic works (100% “thou”-free guaranteed) and get right to the point. Taking away all the guess work, BookHacker presents the book's warm gooey center in a concise, logical and entertaining way. Just because literary classics can be dry and boring doesn't mean understanding them has to be. In George Orwell’s 1984, BookHacker drops you on the dystopian shores of what used to be Great Britain in the not so distant future as Winston Smith navigates a world in which individualism and privacy are a thing of the past. We peep into Winston’s government-controlled existence and watch as his growing hatred of Big Brother drives him to rebel more and more. BookHacker walks you through doublethink, thoughtcrimes, and even the dreaded Room 101 to discuss the consequences of a Totalitarian state. "I'm not going to lie–I used this to get out of having to read the book for class and it worked" – Steven, 10th grade “BookHacker gave me exact details and plotting, EXACTLY everything I needed to get through a dry, tough book” Rebecca, college freshman  “This was surprisingly cool and honest. Would I want my teachers to know I used it? No, but that's why it's worth buying." Andrew, 12th grade BOOKHACKER BREAKDOWN: 1. Executive Summary – This is the Who, What, Where, When, Why, How in 60 seconds or less. 2. Plot – We do the reading so you don’t have to. The essential plot points of the story. 3. Scenes – Every great story has a number of number of important moments that are crucial (read: "testable") to its understanding. These are those. 4. Characters – If you can’t figure out what this section is about, you should probably be coloring. 5. Analysis – Themes, symbolism, and all manner of insufferable literary nonsense. 6. Quotes – All the intimacy of the book with none of the commitment. 7. Popular Culture – Books have a way of finding their place in the cultural consciousness. You might want to know about that. 8. Extras – Media, links and leftovers.


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